ISA Certified ArboristTree Health & Risk AssessmentsIn Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and the Greater Triangle region of North Carolina

As trees age, they become more vulnerable to harmful insect infestations, diseases and blights, dying limbs, rot, and other health and risk factors. Even a seemingly healthy looking tree could be moments away from falling onto your home or business, vehicle, or other valuable areas on your property. That’s why Blackhawk Tree Services offers expert tree health and risk assessment services. Our ISA-certified arborists have seen it all, so we know how to evaluate the trees on your property and let you know if any of them are posing a health or safety risk. If you’re unsure about any of the trees on your property, don’t delay any longer!

Each individual species of tree we have here in Central NC carries its own unique risks for bacterial and fungal infection or age-related structural problems. That’s where Blackhawk comes in. Our experts know exactly what signs to look for in every tree species to learn if it’s in danger of dying or falling. Blackhawk’s highly educated tree experts truly set us apart from other local tree services. We’re genuine tree lovers who really care about the health and safety of your trees.

Seeing the full picture

It can be very difficult to tell if a tree is sick or dying, unless you know exactly what to look for and have the proper tools to see the whole picture. From careful bark, limb, and leaf examinations to insect and fungus identification and beyond, we’re proud to put our knowledge to the test.

Don’t Take Chances

It can be hard to tell when a tree or tree limb poses a falling risk. But when a tree is sick or dying, it can be hard to tell. A tree can look completely fine on one side while a branch may have died on the other. This can lead to a false sense of security. Even though you might think a tree is fine, a dead limb can cause massive amounts of damage. Because they weigh so much, dead tree branches can cause damage including crushing car roofs, breaking your windows, causing impact damage on your house, and many more types of property damage.

Weather Can Cause Falling Risks

Trees don’t just pose a falling risk when they’re sick and dying, either. The larger trees grow, the more surface area they have for wind to push against. That means that if you have a large tree on your property, it can pose a huge risk every time a heavy storm moves through. These trees can often weigh several tons. The damage they are capable of should not be taken lightly.

It’s important to minimize the risk of large trees falling. With our risk assessment service, we can find out which trees pose a threat and take steps to prevent them from falling. Through a combination of pruning and regular tree maintenance, Blackhawk Tree Services will ensure that the big tree in your backyard doesn’t make you worry the next time a storm rolls in.

Protecting Your Property

If you’re a property owner here in the Raleigh, NC area, including Apex, Morrisville, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Holly Springs, you probably know the nagging anxiety created by a tree that looks like it’s leaning a bit too far over your home or business. Do you have a limb that’s hanging precariously over your vehicles? Do you hold your breath every time a strong gust of wind or severe thunderstorm hits? If so, Blackhawk is here to give you peace of mind and help protect your property and your family from potential harm. Don’t leave it up to chance! Give us a call and take charge of your trees’ health and safety.

On-site tree assessments

Blackhawk is proud to support homeowners and businesses throughout the Triangle with expert tree health and safety inspections. With us, there’s no cost, risk, or obligation. Just give our team a call, and we’ll be happy to assess your tree concerns. We’re more than just another tree service. We have a team of certified arborists and tree specialists with unmatched expertise, and we have decades of real-world experience to back it up. Schedule your on-site tree assessment today, and take the guesswork out of protecting your property.