Frequently Asked Questions

With a rich legacy of 41 years serving the Triangle community, Blackhawk Tree Services stands as a trusted name in the arborist industry. While some may merely complete the task at hand, we surpass expectations by prioritizing your unique requirements and delivering prompt, professional, and friendly service. Our extensive range of offerings ensures that your trees remain aesthetically pleasing while mitigating potential issues and safety risks in the long run.

About Blackhawk Tree Services 

1. What services does Blackhawk Tree Services provide?

Blackhawk Tree Services was established in 1976. We have more than 40 years of professional tree work experience to make sure we get the job done right. Blackhawk Tree Services offers a wide range of tree removal and maintenance services, including:

2. Are you insured and licensed?

Yes, Blackhawk Tree Services is fully insured and licensed. We carry liability insurance to protect our customers and employees in case of any unforeseen incidents during the tree removal process. We are registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office as a Corporation and carry all required insurance including Liability, Auto and Workmans Comp. Read more about our ISA Certified Arborists and its importance in providing safe tree services to the community. 

3. How long does it take to complete a tree removal?

The duration of a tree removal job can vary depending on the size, complexity, and accessibility of the tree. Our experienced ISA Certified team will assess your unique situation and provide you with an estimated timeline when we visit your property.

4. Do you clean up the debris after the tree removal?

Absolutely! As part of our service, we ensure that all the debris and branches generated during the tree removal process are thoroughly cleaned up and removed from your property. Leaving your property clean and tidy is our priority.

5. Will tree removal and other tree services cause property damage?

Blackhawk is dedicated to protecting your yard and much as possible and strives to leave the yard looking better than when we arrive. All attempts are made to minimize impacts to your yard for landscaping when performing tree services. However with the nature of tree services, equipment, removing debris, etc. some impact is to be expected.


The team at Blackhawk cares about your trees. Spikes can damage a tree and leave unattractive wounds which can lead to insect infestation, disease and/rot. The only time spikes are used are in the case of complete tree removal. 

6. What should I expect when Blackhawk comes out to my site?

When we initially come to your site, we’ll run through an evaluation of your property. We’ll talk to you to find out what kinds of issues you’re worried about and assess the trees to make sure we grasp the full scope of the situation. When it’s time for us to conduct service, we’ll arrive and set to work efficiently implementing equipment in a way that won’t disturb you or your neighbors. We work quickly, quietly, and we aim to do every job right the first time. Once we’re finished, we make sure to clean up so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and so you can focus on what matters. Read more about our tree removal process

7. Do you offer emergency tree services?

Yes, Blackhawk Tree Services provides emergency tree services 24/7. If you have a fallen tree, dangerous hanging branches, or any other tree-related emergencies, contact us immediately, and we’ll respond promptly to assess and address the situation. 

8. Do you offer commercial tree services?

Yes. Blackhawk Tree Services is pleased to offer a number of services to business and commercial property owners through the NC Triangle area. As an experienced, fully insured team of tree professionals we are prepared to handle all of your tree care needs.

9. How do I schedule a consultation or request your services?

To schedule a consultation or request our services, you can reach us through our website contact form or call our office. We will promptly get back to you to discuss your needs and set up an appointment that suits your convenience.

Tree Service Costs, Removal Permits & Insurance Coverage

1. How much does tree removal or other services cost?

The cost of our services depends on various factors such as the size and location of the tree, complexity of the job, and specific requirements. We can provide onsite estimates to give you an accurate quote based on your needs. Contact us today to get your tree service estimate

2. Will my insurance cover tree removal?

If there is damage to your personal property ie. buildings, fences, drives, etc. then possibly yes. If a tree falls from your neighbors yard onto your house, your insurance will normally only cover the cost for removal and damage to your property line, the neighbors will cover their property line, or vice versa. In most cases this assumes that you were not aware of problems with the tree and neglected to take care of it earlier, so if you see a tree dying in your yard, best to address it early on. It is best practice to contact your specific insurance carrier to verify liability and coverage with them. 

3. Do I need to obtain permits for tree removal?

In the Triangle area there are no municipal permits mandated for residential tree operations within our vicinity. Permits may be necessitated solely for commercial endeavors, new construction projects, or for the preservation of Champion trees. In cases where it may be needed our team can help with the drafting of Certified Arborist reports tailored to homeowners’ associations (HOAs), aimed at substantiating and securing approval for various projects.

Tree Services & Tree Care

1. How can I tell if my tree is sick, diseased or dying?

Dead trees pose a huge safety hazard. If they get left alone too long, they can fall. And a tree weighing several tons can cause some serious damage. Because trees grow so large and have different levels of dormancy, it can be hard to tell if your tree is dead sometimes. Just because it doesn’t have any leaves on it doesn’t mean your tree has died. Sometimes it can just be dormant. Blackhawk offers tree health and risk assessments to help determine if a tree can be saved or if it needs to be removed to prevent injury to you and damage to your property. 

2. What makes trees a risk or dangerous?

Trees aren’t inherently dangerous. But because they often grow upwards of 80 feet and can weigh multiple tons, their falling poses serious damage to anything in its path. Because trees are living organisms, they are subject to diseases and death. Once a tree is dead, it’s only a matter of time until it falls. A Tree doesn’t have to be sick or diseased to pose a risk. Because individual limbs can die, they pose a falling risk, often weighing hundreds of pounds, enough to destroy a car.

3. Why is tree maintenance and monitoring tree health important?

Tree maintenance and monitoring tree health are important because they ensure safety by identifying potential hazards, promote the longevity of trees, provide environmental benefits like air purification and habitat creation, enhance the visual appeal of landscapes, and save costs by preventing larger problems.

4. How often should I have my trees pruned?

Different species of trees grow at different rates, so it can be hard to tell exactly how often your tree needs to be pruned. Some need it once a year, others every other year, and some only need pruning every seven years. To keep your trees looking their best, we can give you a consultation any time to make sure your trees are all looking their best all year long. Read more about pruning your trees

5. What qualifies for emergency tree removal?

Emergency tree removal may be necessary in situations where there is an immediate risk to life, property, or public safety. Some qualifying factors for emergency tree removal include trees that are leaning dangerously, severely damaged or uprooted trees, trees with large dead branches that could fall, or trees that are obstructing roads, power lines, or structures during a storm or other emergency situation.

6. What is tree stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the breaking down of stumps left over from downed trees and other old removal jobs. Blackhawk uses the most powerful, cutting-edge equipment. This lets us get the job done fast, and get it done right. Read more about stump grinding and stump removal.

7. Why should I have tree stumps removed?

There are several benefits to having tree stumps removed from your property. One of the more common reasons for stump removal is how they can spoil the look of your otherwise beautiful yard. However, the main reason and the most important reason for stump removal is that stumps can develop fungal infections and insect infestations that can spread to the rest of your yard. 

8. What is a crane assisted tree pruning & removal?

We offer various methods to prune or remove trees from your yard. During our estimate we will evaluate the best method to use including manual rigging, bucket truck or crane removal.  Many times we get asked the question doesn’t the use of a crane increase the cost, the answer is not in many cases, while cranes are expensive they also lower the time required to remove and clean up the wood and debris from your yard and can minimize impacts to your property.


For any further tree service questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly via phone or email.


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