Why Do I Need to Remove that Tree Stump?

So you’ve decided to give that old tree in your yard the classic heave-ho. Maybe it was too unsightly, becoming a safety hazard, or was dying and needed to be taken out of its misery. Whatever the reason, now you’re probably stuck with a large tree stump drawing too much focus in your yard. While you’re better off without the tree that you decided to cut down, a giant stump in your yard can be the same kind of nuisance from both visual and safety standards. While digging up a stump and freeing your old tree from its roots for good might seem like an unnecessary extra step or too much effort, you’re better off just ridding your yard of it altogether. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to dig out that tree for good with a local stump removal service.

Stumps are a Waste of Space

Regardless of the size of your tree stump, the odds are high that it’s just in the way. This can be dangerous for children running around the yard, especially if the stump is big enough to jump off of and possibly injure themselves. If it’s smaller, it can be a serious tripping hazard. Unwanted stumps also pose a threat to your lawnmower, which can damage the machinery and be a pain to trim when it comes to grass or weeds. Wouldn’t you rather free up your yard space to allow for something more pleasurable or visually appealing in its place?

Stumps Attract Unwanted Insects

A lonely tree stump is practically a magnet for insects like ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring pests in the long process it takes for your stump to decay. And this does more than make parts of your yard hazardous. There’s also the risk of these insects moving into your home and creating a frustrating infestation.

Your biggest risk will be termites. While dampwood termites won’t pose a threat to your home, as they only to eat away at rotting and decaying wood, subterranean termites will eat anything. Any sign of subterranean termites means that if they love that stump, they’ll love your house, too. Check for signs such as any hollowed out pieces of wood in your tree stump or by sticking a screwdriver in to see if it has been hollowed out. If you can check off any of these boxes, then there’s a good chance your stump is a candidate for termite infestation.

Stump Removal Prevents New Tree Growth

Not pulling a tree stump out of the ground can easily create the potential of new sprouts, meaning you could get new trees growing around where the old one stood. The single-tree problem you thought you had fixed can now grow into an even bigger one if you end up with more unwanted growth in your yard. If you’re also maintaining a garden nearby, the roots of your new trees can suck nutrients away from any nearby flowers.

Don’t be stumped with your decision to remove the last remains of your unwanted tree. Getting rid of a tree’s stump and its hefty roots is a task best left to the professionals like the ISA certified arborists of Raleigh, North Carolina’s Blackhawk Tree Services. Contact a reliable tree service today and schedule a consultation to get your yard looking like you’ve always wanted.