Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Trees In Raleigh, NC

For over 40 years, Blackhawk Professional Tree Care & Removal has proudly served as one of the top fully-licensed arborists for Raleigh and the Research Triangle area, including Apex, Morrisville, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Holly Springs. From tree pruning & stump grinding to emergency tree removal, our capable team can do it all. Here at Blackhawk, it’s no secret that we’re tree lovers, which is why we’re such big proponents of educating our loyal customers about what they can do to keep their trees healthy and standing tall in order to avoid as many unnecessary removals as possible.

Though Raleigh doesn’t experience winters as harsh as they do up north, there are still precautions to take before the temperatures drop and adversely affect your property’s trees, especially after they’ve been put through the extreme heat of summer. To get the most life out of your trees and learn what you can do, we’ve gathered some fall maintenance tips for you to check out.

What To Look For/What You Can Do For Your Trees

  1. The root of most common tree issues (no pun intended) relates back to the soil. Think about it like this: you buy a certain soil for your houseplants that will help them thrive indoors by supplying them with the proper nutrients. You also make sure to water them as necessary.
    The same concept applies to your trees; if the soil on your property is too acidic, lacks important nutrients, isn’t compact enough, or is too dry, then your trees will be much more susceptible to disease, pest infestation, and other risks.
    Unsure if your trees are experiencing these issues? Schedule a health and risk assessment today with our team and let us put our knowledge to the test.
  2. Just as you maintain your hair and fingernails with regular trimmings, your trees also need their leaves and branches maintained. With our equipment and knowledge of how to properly thin branches and remove dead limbs, we can safely and efficiently perform tree pruning services to prepare your trees for winter. By allowing proper aeration between the branches, it helps ensure that no weak or unstable limbs pose a potential threat to you or your neighbor’s property.

“What Can I Do On My Own For My Trees?”

Some solid advice that we always give in the fall is to plant new trees!  Autumn is one of the best times for tree planting, as fall’s moderate weather conditions allow the young trees to begin rooting well into the cooler seasons. We also recommend mulching your saplings and shrubs to maintain proper levels of moisture as temperatures begin to fluctuate.

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Are you a homeowner whos new to tree care and maintenance? Have questions about what else you can do? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Blackhawk Tree Services. Whether you need tree pruning, removal, or a health and risk assessment to inspect your trees for insects, diseases, or rot, we are the professionals you can count on throughout Raleigh, Cary, and Apex, NC.