Emergency Tree Removal: Why Swift Action Matters

When it comes to emergency tree removal, time is of the essence. We all know the potential dangers that fallen or damaged trees can bring – property damage, injuries, and power outages are no joke. Why is swift action for these dangerous tree scenarios so important? 

Blackhawk Tree Services understands the gravity of these situations and is well-equipped to handle them efficiently. When you choose Blackhawk Tree Services for your emergency tree removal needs, you can have confidence in our ability to respond quickly and effectively. Our skilled team of ISA- certified arborists prioritizes safety above all else and works diligently to ensure that your tree emergency is resolved with precision and care.

The Dangers of Fallen or Damaged Trees

When a tree becomes compromised due to severe weather, disease, or other factors, it can pose significant hazards. Fallen or damaged trees have the potential to cause extensive property damage, personal injuries, power outages and more. Here are some key risks associated with these situations:

  • Property Damage: When a tree falls or its branches break, they can cause extensive damage to buildings, vehicles, fences, and other structures nearby. Repairing such damage can be costly, and the inconvenience caused can disrupt daily life.
  • Injuries: One of the most pressing concerns is the risk of injuries to individuals. Falling trees or branches can harm people who happen to be in their path, leading to severe injuries or even fatalities. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and prevent such accidents from occurring.
  • Power Outages: Fallen trees can bring down power lines, leading to widespread power outages in the area. This can disrupt essential services, impact businesses, and inconvenience residents. Swift action to remove fallen trees can help minimize the duration and extent of power disruptions.

According to a study by the USDA Forest Service, falling trees and limbs are responsible for an average of 40 deaths and 150 injuries each year in the United States alone. These numbers highlight the serious risks posed by neglected tree hazards.

The Benefits of Swift Emergency Tree Removal

Immediate response by an experienced and capable team is essential in mitigating the risks associated with fallen or damaged trees. Avoid delaying your response to tree emergencies. A swift response to fallen trees and branches can lead to significant cost savings. Addressing the issue promptly helps prevent additional damage to property, which could potentially result in higher repair costs. 

Professional tree removal services like Blackhawk Tree Services should be contacted ASAP for emergency tree removals. Professional tree removal service providers have expertise in handling hazardous situations that can ensure a safe and efficient removal process. Using specialized equipment and knowledge, tree service professionals are able to effectively assess the risks involved and employ the most appropriate techniques to remove the tree without causing further damage or endangering anyone.

Blackhawk Case Study: Christmas Eve Tree Disaster Rescue


One Christmas Eve, The Blackhawk Team received an urgent call regarding a massive tree endangering a home. The situation was dire, as the tree had severely damaged the residence, nearly splitting it in half. Compounding the urgency was the fact that the homeowners, a family with two young children under the age of 10, were directly impacted by the catastrophe. 


The timing of the incident, occurring on Christmas Eve, added layers of complexity and emotional weight to the rescue mission. The family had fortunately escaped tragedy, as they had been occupying the section of the house most affected by the tree’s impact just minutes before it fell. Their decision to go out to eat, moments before the disaster, spared them from serious injury or worse.


With a sense of duty and urgency, our team mobilized promptly on Christmas Eve morning. Despite the prospect of spending the holiday away from our own families, every member of our crew was resolute in our commitment to assisting the affected family. Arriving equipped with a full crew and crane, we wasted no time in initiating the tree removal process.


Though the circumstances were somber, our team found solace in being able to aid the family during such a distressing time. While the incident cast a shadow over the holiday spirit, we were grateful for the opportunity to help the homeowners begin the journey of restoring normalcy to their lives. Our efforts, though challenging, were driven by a profound sense of empathy and solidarity with the family in need.


The Christmas Eve tree disaster serves as a poignant reminder of the unforeseen challenges life may present, particularly during moments of celebration and togetherness. Despite the hardships endured, the spirit of community and compassion prevailed, highlighting the resilience of both the affected family and our dedicated team. The incident underscores the importance of readiness, responsiveness, and unwavering support in times of crisis, reinforcing our commitment to serving our community, even in the face of adversity.

Professional Tree Service Provider Expertise and Equipment

Blackhawk Tree Services is well known for our specialized skills and extensive experience in emergency tree removal. Our local Raleigh team of ISA-certified arborists utilizes advanced equipment and techniques. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and technology that enable us to assess tree hazards accurately and swiftly. Whether it’s using precision chainsaws, cranes, or other specialized equipment, professional tree service providers have the resources to handle even the most challenging tree removal scenarios with ease. 

Professional tree service providers rely on a range of specialized tools and equipment to efficiently and safely carry out their work. Here are some common tools used by these professionals:

  • Chainsaws: Chainsaws are essential for cutting down trees and removing branches. They come in various sizes and power capacities, allowing tree service providers to handle different types of trees and branches.
  • Wood Chippers: Wood chippers are used to break down tree branches and trunks into smaller wood chips. These chips can then be used for landscaping or disposed of properly. Wood chippers help make the removal process more efficient and reduce waste.
  • Climbing Gear: Tree service professionals utilize climbing gear such as helmets, harnesses, saddles, ropes, and safety lanyards to access and navigate trees safely. This equipment ensures their safety while working at heights.
  • Rigging Equipment: Rigging equipment includes blocks and pulleys, slings, and rigging ropes. These tools are used to safely lower heavy tree branches or trunk sections to the ground without causing damage.
  • Pruning Tools: Pruners and hand saws are commonly used for trimming and pruning branches. These tools allow precision cutting and shaping of trees, promoting healthy growth and improving aesthetics.
  • Stump Grinders: Stump grinders are used to remove tree stumps below ground level. They grind the stump into small wood chips, making it easier to replant or repurpose the area where the tree once stood.

Blackhawk Tree Services Process of Emergency Tree Removal

Here at Blackhawk, we use three different methods of tree removal. When our ISA-certified arborists are called to a property, they make sure to inspect the tree and surrounding area to best determine which method to use.


This is the simplest procedure for getting a tree onto the ground. Our ISA- certified arborists will begin by estimating the tree’s height and surveying the surrounding area to determine if there is enough room to safely fell the tree. Then the cutter will further examine the tree to determine what kind of notch to use and where to put it. At this point, a rope will be tied to the top of the tree and a wedge cut into the side so that our crew can guide the fall of the tree in the desired direction.


More popular in urban environments, this tree removal process is used to remove trees that have grown too close to buildings or other structures like power lines and utility poles. The key to carrying out this type of tree removal is finding a central point for our climber to set up their rigging from. From there the climber will cut and lower any limbs with assistance from the ground crew, who utilize ropes to guide the limbs safely to the ground once they have been cut free from the trunk.


This process starts with talking to the property owner to find a space for our crane to set up in that is both large and level enough to accommodate our equipment. Once the crane has been set up and our crew is in position, the crane cable is lowered to our climber who is standing by at the tree’s base. After they’re safely fastened into their harness they are lifted to the top of the tree, where they will attach the crane’s cable. The crane operator will then apply tension, allowing the climber to repel down the cable until they reach the predetermined cutting zone. Once they are safely tied in, the climber will then make the cut while the crane operator lifts the cut section and swings it to the nearby landing area. After the section has been set down in the landing area, the ground crew will disconnect the cable and the process is started all over again.

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You’ve seen what all it takes to get a tree on the ground, but that’s only part of the battle. Once a tree has been felled it still needs to be properly cut up and removed from your property, which is where our ground crew comes into the equation. Any branches or limbs that are small enough will be run through our wood chipper, while any left-over wood that is large enough is cut into appropriate lengths and then taken to local lumber yards and paper mills to be turned into usable products. Once the tree has been removed our crew will make sure to rake and blow away any remaining sawdust or wood chips, leaving behind a clean and pristine looking yard. It is beneficial to have the tree stump removed via stump grinding as well. Learn more about the benefits of stump grinding and stump removal

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Blackhawk Tree Services is proud to support the Triangle area with emergency tree removal services. Our team of certified arborists is available 24/7/365 for fast response emergency tree clearing in the greater Raleigh, NC area, including Apex, Morrisville, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Holly Springs. We understand that time is of the essence when disaster strikes and we’re happy to work with all major insurance providers and homeowners to help make such a difficult time a little bit easier on you.

When faced with a tree emergency, contact Blackhawk Tree Services. Our ISA-certified arborists specialized skills, experience, and use of advanced equipment handles tree emergencies effectively and safely. 

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